$50 in Free Product when you sign-up before May 31

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Rules and Terms

  • Upgrading from a Wholesale Customer to a Wellness Advocate does not count for this promotion.
  • Wellness Advocates, as well as Wholesale Customers, are able to sign up with a 100 PV enrollment order for this promotion and receive 50 points.
  • For each member you enroll, you will receive 50 points. For example, if you enroll two individuals both with a 100 PV enrollment order, you will receive 50 points for the enrollment of each of those individuals for a total of 100 points. There is no limit on how many members you can enroll, or how many points you can earn for enrolling.
  • The points will be added the following week after the 100 PV enrollment order has processed. For example, if the member places a 100 PV enrollment order on a Friday, the points will be added the following week.
  • The new member must sign up from May 1–May 31. If they sign up outside this timeline, they do not count toward the promotion.
  • The new member’s enrollment order must be placed from May 1–May 31. Enrollment orders placed outside this time frame will not count.
  • PV is not equal to the cost of an order. Before completing an order, the individual ordering must verify that the enrollment order is at least 100 PV. Please assist your new enrollee in placing their enrollment order to ensure that they meet the requirements.
  • Both the new member AND the enroller will receive 50 points each as long as the new member meets the requirements.
  • Reactivations do not count toward this promotion.
  • This promotion is for U.S. and Canada.
If you feel you have qualified for the promotion and did not receive the points, please call member services at (800)-411-8151, or send a short email to promotions@doterra.com no later than June 15, 2017. Exceptions will not be made after this date.